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8 comments on “Ghosts of Dallas: Highland Park Village, 1963

  1. In 1963 they were showing a French movie, Sundays and Cybele, which won the Academy Award for best Foreign Film – probably cost a quarter but maybe less. What is showing today and for how much?

  2. Today they’re showing “Nut Job,” “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” and “That Awkward Moment.” None of which will be up for an Academy Award.

    A matinee costs $8.00. A regular adult ticket will run you $11.75.

  3. The two photographs are not exactly “then and now.” The building to the right of the theater in the modern photo doesn’t show an open-air balcony, yet it has had one since the Marquee Grill. The current Toko V in that space also has it.

  4. The “after” photo was shot within the last week, as the films mentioned on the theater’s marquee attest.

    So, maybe you haven’t been by the Village recently?