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A.C. Gonzalez Will Be Our Next City Manager

No, this is not Hubie Brown.

Eric is in the middle of a P90X workout and can’t get to a computer to put up a post. So he called me with his scoop. Well, scoopish. Because now I see that Scott Goldstein put up a post about 10 minutes ago saying the same thing. Anyway, multiple sources have told Eric that the vote tomorrow will go A.C. Gonzalez’s way.

In an executive session Friday, council members found themselves one vote short of picking Deanna Santana. Over the weekend, effort was made to get that one vote. When it became apparent that the vote was not to be had, the Santana supporters switched their votes to Gonzalez. So while tomorrow’s vote might go 13-2 or something like that, just know that it was actually much closer than that. Let the record reflect that Zac actually called this thing a week ago.