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Man Brutally Attacked in Campisi’s Parking Lot

A concerned FrontBurnervian points us to Ivan Pugh’s Facebook page. Pugh owns Alligator Cafe, and he asks for any and all help with identifying the assailants who attacked his friend Sunday night. Writes Pugh:

Luis Rocha Sr. 70

Brutally attacked Sunday Night in the Campisi’s parking lot by three young white assailants. Mr. Rocha is a father, Grandfather, small business owner, and a veteran. A long time resident of Dallas, a great man and neighbor. He is currently in ICU at Baylor Medical Center. We are trying to get any information about who did this to him using Social Media. For some reason the media thinks traffic problems and smash and grab robberies are more news worthy events.

Attached is the police report with all the pertinent information on date and time. Please contact police if you know anything or call Crime Stoppers. Please don’t let this report fool you the police description of his injuries and vague and incomplete. He suffered a broken arm, several broken ribs, a crushed eye socket and internal bleeding. Please help!

Update (1/8/14, 4:25) Here is a statement from David Campisi, owner of the restaurant:

“My family and my staff offer our prayers for complete healing and recovery to Mr. Luis Rocha.  Mr. Rocha has been a loyal customer and friend of ours for many years.  While this horrific event did not take place in our parking lot, as has been widely reported, we are nevertheless saddened that it took place near one of our restaurants.
“Last year, we expanded our parking facilities by adding additional lighting and surveillance, and we regularly work with our neighbors along Mockingbird Lane to ensure the safety of all our guests.  We believe we provide a safe environment, and we will continue to work with the police and others to ensure that Mockingbird Lane is as safe as possible.”