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Making Dallas Even Better

Not sure if Texas' would also include Pikachu, but a man can dream. Photo: Flickr

Dallas to Houston in 90 Minutes May Soon Become a Reality

According to the Texas Tribune‘s Aman Batheja, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx just confirmed that the federal government will team up with the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Central High-Speed Railway to study a possible Dallas-Fort Worth to Houston rail line.

Texas Central is a for-profit company, “working to bring high-speed, high-tech rail to our great state with a route between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston in the next ten years with a travel time of 90 minutes.” The trains, Texas Central purports, will travel at 200-miles-per-hour.

And some studies are already in the works. The Texas-Oklahoma Passenger Rail Study is expected by the end of the year, and a bunch of UT-Arlington researchers published a study last fall advocating for high-speed trains along Texas’ major highways. The latter study said additional research should be performed on four stretches:  Interstate 20 from Fort Worth to Dallas, Interstate 45 from Houston to Dallas, Texas 6 from Houston to Waco, and Interstate 35 from Laredo to Dallas-Fort Worth.

That last stretch, though, would fail completely because of one major oversight: no kolaches on a bullet train.

Here’s a video shilling Texas Central’s points. It’s shiny.

  • good ol’ dfw

    I’ll agree with the walkability argument. When I studied abroad in Spain, I took a bus from the airport in Madrid to the rail, took the rail to Sevilla (and there was security getting onto the train, but it was quick to get through), and was able to walk to the hotel and to my host mom’s place. Neither Dallas nor Houston have the same walkability in that sense, but if it was arranged so that something like the Dart line would be available at both ends, I think this issue could be circumvented. Cabs are somewhat expensive. Public transportation can be less so. Plus, If i go down to visit friends, I don’t have to worry about the walkability.

    Also: If I remember correctly, a round trip rail ticket from madrid to Sevilla was significantly cheaper than the round trip flight cost from Dallas to Houston- and Madrid and Sevilla are further apart than Dallas and Houston.

  • Mike Alstatt

    Only about 3 hrs drive. With the 30 min drive to the train station, and 20 min wait for the train to move, you could be 50 min into a beeline drive to Houston. After waits and bus exchanges, you’ve saved no time–FAIL

  • Monte Malone

    Yeah, those interstate highways were all FREE

  • Cheese

    But… who wants to travel to Houston? How about if we start with Dallas to Austin, or Dallas to Denver.

  • Cheese

    Use UberX to get to the station.

  • Cheese

    Now you’re talking. Besides the drive-on convenience, you have your car to get you around at the other end.

  • Cheese

    Misspelling “deja vu” doesn’t help your cause either.

  • Cheese

    Yes, because both of those cities are places that someone might actually want to go to.