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Making Dallas Even Better

Unforgettable D Magazine Images of 2013

See? Way more compelling than the copy below. Bastards.
See? Way more compelling than the copy below. Bastards.

I’m a words guy, but I have been known to enjoy a pretty picture. It seems unfair, sometimes, how a photographer or an illustrator can create a vivid image that tells the story in a single glance while we poor writers have to slave away for hours to assemble a series of thousands upon thousands of ancient Roman symbols into precisely the right order to do the same, all in the often vain hope that people will read all the way to the end.

Plus there are no typos in photography. There are no homophones around to mess with the mind of an illustrator. It’s not fair.

But I shall set my jealousy aside for a moment to acknowledge that our magazine would be a truly awful reading experience were it not for the contributions of the visual artists and designers who work with us.

Here are some examples of what I mean. Enjoy.

  • Jackson

    I’ll have just one more more house-made stout-beer ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce, meringue chocolate kisses, whipped cream, and crumbles of pretzel streusel, please.