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Leading Off (12/10/13)

Rogers Loses Wager to Daglas. Yeah. So. Things didn’t go well last night for the home team. Now to the bet I made with Cristina. I will have to sing the Bears fight song on a downtown Dallas street corner. Give me a couple days to memorize it. Before the Christmas break. [kicks dirt, mutters swear words under breath] Oddest sentence from the Chicago Tribune game recap: “A nine-yard pass from Tony Romo to Cole Beasley trimmed the bulge to 42-21 with 10:52 left.”

Flu! Or stuff with flu-like symptoms. It’s on the rise. Wash your hands. And don’t make out with people who have a temperature above 100 degrees.

Pat Snuffer, You Got Served. The company that owns the Snuffer’s name is suing the man who is called by the name. Cheese fries lovers everywhere yawn, then go eat cheese fries elsewhere because, come on, it’s cheese fries. You have to work hard to screw up cheese fries, the main two ingredients of which are fries and cheese.

Marguerite Hoffman’s Rothko Trial Begins Today. Try to follow along. Hoffman and her late husband promised their art collection to the DMA in 2005. In 2007, she sold a piece of that collection, a Rothko, for $31 million, on the condition that the buyer keep the sale a secret. That same year, 2007, the Rothko hung on the walls of the DMA as part of the “Fast Forward” exhibition, which highlighted the bequest (and that of two other families, the Rachofskys and the Roses). Then, in 2010, the buyer of the Rothko sold the painting at auction. Uh-oh! Now that Hoffman is embarrassed, she is suing.