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Cash McElroy: The Other Side of the Story

CashI mentioned in Leading Off this morning the story about the former SMU frat brothers who were busted in a marijuana grow operation. Unfair Park has some more details. An alert FrontBurnervian recently met one of the guys who was arrested, Cash McElroy, and he pointed me to McElroy’s Facebook page, where this picture was posted in October 2010. It breaks my heart a little. I know the guy broke the law and all. But come on. He was growing marijuana. Half the country is doing this legally. McElroy, from accounts, had tried to distance himself from the grow operation, which only got him in more trouble. In unburdening himself of some of the grow houses, he got nabbed for money laundering. McElroy was sentenced to three years, while the others got sentences of 24 and 30 months.