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More Big Plans for the Statler Hilton Hotel Building

Help wanted. (photo by Retailmania/Flickr)

The DMN reports on the plans developer Mehrdad Moayed has for the iconic, derelict downtown building:

The once opulent hotel sits across the street from the Main Street Garden park and is surrounded by other old downtown buildings, which have been converted into residential space.

That’s what Moayedi has in mind for the Statler Hilton, but even more.

He’s eyeing other uses including a movie theater, grocery store, restaurants and retail space for the mammoth high-rise.

“We want to have a live music venue in the hotel’s old ballroom,” Moayedi said.

Of course there is still months and months of work that has to be done – everything from arranging an incentive package from the city to architectural and engineering plans.

So can Moayed do what others have said they would do, but have not?

6 comments on “More Big Plans for the Statler Hilton Hotel Building

  1. Building is so ugly. I’d rather see a new structure that engages the street. Why save crap?

  2. It may look like “crap” to you, but to a whole lot of us, it looks fabulous. Fortunately, there are more of us than there are of you, and we are all hopeful that this treasure will be restored and reused.

  3. The Iconic Statler Hilton Hotel Building is a perfect example of one of the really bad 1950’s building designs. The flat-slab structural system used in its design makes all of the room floors unusable for anything other than small storage rooms.

    The best that could happen would be to implode the building and start over with a new design.

  4. That is why no one has been able to come up with a plan to save it that works economically but the implosion video could be awesome.

  5. Sure it looks great in a fly over drone video, but at the street level it is terrible. We don’t want to be the 80s ideal city anymore. We need walkable, engaging streets downtown. This is a prominent spot and it kills the ability to walk from the middle of downtown eastward.

  6. Idea: have a showroom/ballroom, much like Vegas hotels and do live show acts! How amazing would that be! Not just theater, but a great, glitzy show act that runs on say…on Thursday/Fri evenings through a Sat and Sunday matinees. Just a awesome thought. Have some amazing outdoor seating restaurant/ice cream parlors around the corner in those old buildings….