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Stephen Colbert Takes on the Dallas Safari Club

You know the Dallas Safari Club is going to auction off an opportunity to shoot a black rhino, right? Big things happen here! (PS: Props to the Observer for the screen time.)

4 comments on “Stephen Colbert Takes on the Dallas Safari Club

  1. “When I’m at the newsstand, I’m like a kid in a candy store. The brighter the wrapper, the more it attracts me. So I’ll pick up Texas Monthly or D or whatever it is that makes me think, ‘Ooh, shiny cover story!’ I would love to say that it’s more intelligent than that, but it’s not.”

    That is, in fact, how we plan our covers. “Make it shinier!” And so on.

  2. If the auto-play isn’t turned off on this damn thing, I won’t visit Frontburner for a month.

  3. I would suggest you use a different browser, because the video is not set to auto-play and is not auto-playing in most.