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Mike Rawlings’ Plan to Make Downtown Dallas The Envy of All Texas, Cont.

I’ve got some questions about Mayor Rawlings’ proposals for downtown:

1. How, exactly, am I supposed to get funky … with Christmas lights? Rawlings understands we all live in apartments, right? Mine has two windows that open. Am I supposed to crawl out on the ledge of the fifth floor of my building and hang lights? Seems a bit dangerous. Also, Downtown Dallas Inc. does a pretty great job with lights during its City Lights event. We even have orbs above all the intersections. How much funkier can you get? Also, I’m not completely sold on the idea that hanging some lights will make downtown everything we want it to be.

2. I’ve got a few questions on that eyeball. Sure, it’s cool. But it’s STILL not ready to go. They’ve been working on it for several weeks, and there is some landscaping, but it’s not finished. Also, there’s a fence all the way around it. Will that be there once it’s finished? Because as much fun as it is to take a picture of something behind a gate, I’d rather be able to have some access.

3. Let’s hear more about this change team. (And how is it different from the Downtown Residents Council and DDI?)