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Entire Dallas GOP Delegation Votes for Default

Some of us would like to think that there are reasonable, sane, and responsible Republican members of the House. And apparently there are: 87 Reps joined with Dems to end the GOP-created crisis that almost cratered the world economy. But Dallas Republicans were not among them.

Joe Barton, Jeb Hensarling, Sam Johnson, Pete Sessions, Kenny Marchant, and Michael Burgess (and Kay Granger of Fort Worth) all voted with nutcase Louis Gohmert to keep the government closed and to default on the debt the U. S. Government — under their majority in the House — had incurred. No doubt it was a tactical vote, that is, the Speaker’s office had gotten what members it needed and allowed the rest to vote against. So quivering in fright at the possibility of Tea Party challenge, each one of them voted with the most extreme elements of their party, the full faith and credit of the United States be damned.

Every one of these members (except Marchant, who wasn’t in office at the time) voted in 2003 for Medicare Part D, the biggest expansion of entitlements in American history, and none has offered a bill to repeal it and its one trillion dollar price tag. Why? Because it was proposed by a Republican president. And, conveniently, the Tea Party seems to have forgotten about it (maybe too many of them are beneficiaries of this particular form of government largess).

The next time you hear one of these local Republican congressmen mention “fiscal responsibility” in a campaign speech, allow yourself a little chuckle.

UPDATE: S&P says today that the Republican shutdown has taken $24 billion out of the economy and cut 0.6% off of yearly fourth quarter GDP growth. And to accomplish what? Good work, guys.