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All DISD Students To Get Free Breakfast and Lunch

Apparently, 89 percent of students were getting either free or reduced lunches, anyway — as it happens, my kid was one of the 11 percent; he only buys lunch on Wednesday, when some sort of chicken dish is served, I think, maybe — so the district has decided that no one has to pay the full $2.93 anymore. Or, at least until 2017, when DISD will look at the situation again. It saves the district the $300,000 it was spending to “hire more temporary workers, send information about the program to homes, and make calls to student’s parents,” and DISD thinks they might actually come out of this ahead since students, in theory, will have more money to spend on snacks. Of course, that is underestimating some parents’ ability to ever remember to send money with their kids for virtually anything — book fairs, school pictures, etc. — so I wouldn’t put a ton of cash on that bet.