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D Staff Scouting Report: Zac Crain is Faster Than Michael Mooney

I’m not saying I’m faster than anyone else on staff. I’m not going to power-rank that right now. Tim is almost certainly faster, and Brad, too. But, in a 40(ish)-yard dash on a street in Deep Ellum while wearing non-athletic attire, I am demonstrably faster than Michael Mooney. This was proved last night/this morning. Twice. Granted, Michael was wearing cowboy boots, but I think the fact that, during the second race, I was able to turn around and backpedal while pointing at Michael like I was Deion Sanders finishing up a pick-six shows that I would have won regardless of our respective choices in footwear. I will say this: Mooney is faster off the line than I would have expected. The downside of all this is I’m going to have to deal with him demanding a rematch until one of us is no longer able to walk. Enjoy your Friday, everyone.