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DART’s New Phone App Helps Me Waste More Time Getting Ready

I once read a story detailing the life of the average Italian male. Best I can remember, he still lives with his parents, wakes up 20 minutes before his workday begins, slams two espressos, takes public transportation to the office, comes home, and drinks himself to sleep. Short of moving to Italy or my parents reuniting and giving me free room and board, I figured I was already as close to that kinda-awesome, kinda-sad life as I could be.

I was wrong! Now I can drink up to three espressos before running for the bus, because I no longer have to sprint to the St. Paul station to buy a bus pass. DART’s new GoPass, which they debuted sometime or other before today, is a phone app that so far makes my mornings much easier. (Note to DART PR — I’d stop reading and just pull that quote for your promotional materials. You’re welcome.) I’m sure you’ll tell me all the problems you’ve had with it, but so far it’s worked like a charm for me. Now when the rent partner says, “Oh, forgot to tell you I’m taking the car today,” I just smile at this exciting new development in my morning, punch a few buttons on the ol’ Android phablet (works on iPhone, too, I’m told), my card is charged, and I have an active bus pass on my phone. It also tells me where my bus is (what up, Route 208!) and when it’ll arrive at my stop. Top that, Italy.