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The Meme That Hilariously Won’t Die: Craig James Killed Five Hookers at SMU

Only available in Horned Frogs purple, it seems.
Only available in Horned Frogs purple, it seems.

For the upcoming TCU/SMU game, The Varsity-Fort Worth — an off-campus seller of TCU merch — is hawking purple shirts with the acronym CJKFH. Which, if you are late to the game and got to this point without reading the headline, stands for “Craig James Killed Five Hookers.” I assume they left off the SMU part because it’s a TCU shirt.

If you missed it, Tim actually asked a spokesperson for James’ abysmal failure of a senate campaign about the five hookers thing. He also asked if James has ever eaten a steak made out of panda and if he has ever enlisted the help of a gang of criminals to take over a skyscraper at the top of which is a vault containing $640 million in untraceable bearer bonds, and told the spokesperson that he loved her.

(h/t Unfair Park)