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Leading Off (9/24/13)

Serial Rapist Charged With Fifth Assault. Van Dralan Dixson “said he was sorry ‘for everything,’ for both raping and robbing the two women. He said ‘those were the only two’ that affected him, but the rest were prostitute deals gone bad and he had nothing to apologize for.” We are supposed to love even our enemies and forgive those who transgress. Sometimes that’s impossible to do.

Biggest Video Board in the World Coming to Texas Motor Speedway. According to the Morning News, “The Big Hoss will be 79 percent larger than the screen in Arlington and more than 25 percent bigger than the current king of visual monstrosities, the big board at Charlotte Motor Speedway.” This is crazy to me. It’s crazy because I thought the screen at the AT&T Death Star taught us an important lesson: screens are evil. Sports venues can compete with home screens only by being sports venues. A sports venue with a screen that rivals the one in my house is simply a viewing area — and one that is too far from my refrigerator.

Charity Boss Honors Dead Daughter by Paying Himself Healthy Salary. Thirteen-year-old Taylor Storch died in a skiing accident. Her heart was donated to a woman. Her parents, Todd and Tara, started a charity to increase organ donor registrations. They appeared in People magazine and on the Ellen Show. In 2011, the charity generated $163,000, its first full year of operations. Todd, the charity’s CEO, earned a salary of $100,000, plus $8,500 in expenses. Well, that’s $54,500 left to increase organ donor registrations. That’s a good thing, right?

Rangers Crush Astros in Another Game That Zac Never Considered Watching and, in Fact, Did Not Watch. The Rangers beat the Astros 12-0, as Alex Rios became the seventh player in team history to hit for the cycle, and Derek Holland threw a complete game shutout. Please don’t break my heart, baseball player men.