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Big D Reads Needs Your Help

That’s my pal Travis. He’s a pretty great guy, and he’s saying some pretty great things about Big D Reads. Let’s boil it down to a few talking points.

1. Today is North Texas Giving Day. We’ve touched on it here and here.

2. A wonderful org to give to is Big D Reads, a nonprofit launched by D Magazine and D Academy dedicated to getting the entire city of Dallas to read one book this April. One city. One book. It’s awesome.

3. The book? The Outsiders. Also awesome.

4. The kicker: For $5, you can put a book in the hands of one student. That’s the price of a fancy coffee. For the price of five fancy coffees, or $25, you can put books in the hands of five students. We’re (I’m a proud D Academy member) aiming to get books in the hands of every 9th grader in DISD, plus thousands of community members. All told, we’re hoping to give away 20,000 books.

So we need your help, and conveniently, it’s 3 p.m., that time of day where you surely reach for a coffee and some nice online perusing. To donate, please head here. Many, many thanks.