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Why Is Brian Cuban Shouting Legal Advice at Me?

Apparently the lawyer-brother of Mark Cuban has been appearing in “Legal Briefs” segments on some morning program called Eye Opener (which airs locally on CW33) since about a year ago. Until today, I’ve not seen any of them.

Mr. Cuban, I promise I will never post any revenge porn. Now, will you please calm down?

  • Brian Cuban

    If you don’t like it don’t watch or is that concept more complicated than advertising the boob jobs and penis implants that make up 80 percent of your magazine.

  • lance b

    How exactly did this lousy article make it to the interweb? Was this supposed to be an opinion piece?

  • Brian Cuban

    But please do read the Tim Rogers profile of my new book “Shattered Image” this month. Good or Bad, You can thank me for contributing to the 20 percent of real content

  • JSSS

    Should commas be used, even in blog posts? YES, THEY SHOULD. Also, I would think that a magazine primarily made up of boob jobs and penis implants would be very expensive to mail and probably would not fit neatly on store shelves.

  • Brian Cuban

    put your name and photo behind your comment or you’re just a coward troll.(anonymous cowards is a pet peeve of mine)

  • Brian Cuban

    put your name and photo behind your comment or you’re just a coward troll.(anonymous cowards are a pet peeve of mine)

  • Tim Rogers


    But, yeah, Brian gives good Q&A. Very forthcoming about fighting his addiction to booze and cocaine. And about his body dysmorphic disorder. I talked to him for our October issue. Easily could have run the Q&A at twice the space we had for it. But, you know, gotta leave pages for those penis-implant ads.

  • Brian Cuban

    If you advertise a good deal, let me know. As I get older its shrinking..

  • David Burrows

    Just when I thought Frontburner content was running a little ‘ho-hum’ today. Nice work everyone!

  • Lance Price

    Should real names and photos be used in blog comments? Yes, they should.

  • Jeff Reynolds

    I’m with ya Brian !!

  • mikedyce

    I love Brian Cuban’s Legal Briefs segment. It’s different and entertaining.

  • The Texas Strong Arm

    I’d rather watch Jim Adler, the “Texas Hammer”, yell at me in a commercial.

  • Lew Patton

    Brian, you’ve come so far since your Digg days.

  • Avid Reader

    Brilliantly played strawman.

  • not_kubrick

    LMFAO. I could never quite figure out why I have Frontburner on my list of sites I skim when I start the day. The mist has cleared, and I’m bumping it up to just ahead of The Onion.