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Leading Off (8/26/13)

T.D. Jakes Is More Popular Than Jesus: The bishop is expected to draw 50,000 to the first Mega-Fest he has hosted in DFW. No word on how many loaves and fishes have been ordered.

DFW Is Thirsty: Yeah, we get it, the region consumes a lot of water. Can’t we just ban the St. Augustine along with the plastic bags?

In Texas, You Can Now Buy Guns From Cops: Found or unclaimed weapons in the possession of Texas law enforcement can now be yours for the right price.

Uber Service Is Über Pain For Local Cabbies: Here’s a story about how the city council is trying to skirt technology to regulate the cab industry. Spoiler: it won’t work.

Cops Testing New Tactic: Just Asking If You’re a Crook: Last week, when I was pulled over for having a broken headlight, the police officer asked me, “If you had anything illegal in the car, you’d tell me, right?” I said, “Of course,” but what I was thinking was, “Are you feakin’ kidding me? What do you take me for, a moron?” Well, apparently, Dallas is full of morons. The police department’s “knock-and-talk” task force is catching criminals by being nice and just asking.

R.I.P. Steve McGonigle: In his obit, the 30 year vet of the DMN comes across as a reserved, quiet sort – loyal, tenacious, intelligent, and humble. If only we could all be remembered for our empathy, compassion, and the way we “relentlessly chased down wrongdoers.” Steve McGonigle will be missed.

D Magazine Has New Editor: Here is our new editor, Cristina Daglas, formerly of Milwaukee Mag. Welcome to a “giant”-er city, FNG.