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15 comments on “A Tribute to Tim Rogers, on His Last Day as Editor

  1. As an avid reader and sometimes poster on this blog, I wish Tim best of luck in the next phase of his journey at DMag. It’s surprising it took this long for him to fire himself.

    Where are the drinks being poured tonight?

  2. Any chance you can add the sound effect when Tim hits the microphone with his iPhone in that last picture?

    (Also, has Tim ever explained why he was clutching his iPhone during his speech in the first place?)

  3. He was holding his phone because he had his speech typed on it and wanted to be able to refer to it if he went off the rails. I’m not sure when he abandoned that plan.

  4. Zac, can you please post the frames from the beginning of Tim’s speech, when his win was first announced and he was running up to the podium (i.e., the view of the back of his head)?

  5. It’s like a silent film, directed by David Lynch and sponsored by Apple. (sniff)

  6. If I still want to engage in dialog with Mr. Rogers, I assume I should just feel free to drop in on him at home?