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Another Attempt to Bring a Grocery Store to Downtown Dallas

The DMN reports on the tripartite venture in downtown Dallas, which will eventually include a grocery shop, a liquor store, and a cafe in the space occupied by the failed Urbanmarket:

Urban Orchard Market is a grocery store that promises to have a higher percentage of organic versus conventional foods. It will sell local produce and feature frozen yogurt and a deli counter.

Urban Vineyard is the upscale liquor store, earning that description because it’s been designed to feel more like an Apple store than a corner package store.

Bar None Café expects to satisfy most cravings with a sushi bar, taco bar and sandwich bar. It will also have a hot and cold menu. Fresh juice, smoothies, coffee and snack foods will be sold at another station.

The booze shop will come first, later this month. Then the grocery in August, followed by the cafe a couple weeks later. Unlike with Urbanmarket, the city has not signed on to invest $600,000 in the effort.

Here’s hoping they make it works. Urbanmarket, which began with such glorious aspirations, was a depressing place full of empty shelves and dollar-store-type items by its sad end.