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Let Me Hear Your Big Boy Theft Stories

In our July issue, I wrote a little ditty about the time a couple of my high school buddies and I stole a Kip’s Big Boy. The story, tittled “Statute of Limitations,” isn’t part of our usual online offering, so you’ll have to deal with a PDF if you’d like to read it. Chris Croupe read it and sent along the following email. Please enjoy. And if you have something you, too, would like to get off your chest, the comments are open for your own personal Big Boy stories.

Your story brought back some memories. Our target was the Big Boy at Belt Line and 75. We pre-loosened the bolts and made sure we had a long-bed truck to handle the load. An ill-fitting tarp was also used to cover the cargo. The plan for the Big Boy was to use an intricate pulley system to get him to the top of Berkner High School and then fill him with cement, making him weigh close to 2 tons (we figured) and requiring significant heavy machinery. That plan did not come to pass. The Big Boy spent one night in my backyard and then made his way to a party where he spent the evening in a hot tub. Someone’s mom ratted us out to the Richardson PD. The Big Boy, it turns out, is valued at $6,000 and falls under the same laws as auto theft. Kip’s (or whoever the parent company is) had a guy whose whole job was driving around, looking for and dealing with stolen Big Boys. I think my mom ended up paying $900 or so to cover some damage done, and we moved on. (I didn’t rat out the others in my crew because snitches end up in ditches — or at least get stitches in suburbia.)