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Leading Off (6/18/13)

14 West Rest Haven Patients Have Died Since Explosion. On the night of the West, Texas explosion, 130 residents from the rest home, just 200 yards from the plant, were rescued. Since that night two months ago, 14 patients have died. This article says there may be a connection to the explosion (and the trauma that accompanied it) and the abnormally high number of patients who have died in the past two months.

Jesse Ventura Is Suing Chris Kyle’s Widow. You remember the story from Chris Kyle’s book about punching Jesse Ventura for making unpatriotic remarks, right? Well, Ventura denied the incident and sued Chris Kyle for defamation. Yesterday, he said he wanted to name Kyle’s widow as the defendant and asked the judge to let the suit go forward.

Man Gets Finger Stuck in Gas Tank for 20 Minutes. I bring you this story just to show you that your day could have started off worse. Enjoy your Tuesday!