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Making Dallas Even Better

A Strangely Inspiring Video of Guys Racing Turtle Scooters Down a Downtown Dallas Parking Garage

So some bros decide to dress up in costumes, grab a bunch of Turtle Scooters, sneak into the parking garage across the street from Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas in the middle of the night, and make this video.

I’m pretty sure they’re living the dream.

(H/T Reddit)

  • Dan Koller

    When I was in high school 20-plus years ago, the after-dark population of downtown Dallas was little more than homeless people, a few cops, and me and my friends, wearing Rollerblades and doing stuff like this.

    My favorite part of this video was the “Rocky” victory theme over the closing credits.

  • cbs

    I cannot tell you the times I parked in that garage and thought about doing something similar to this. These guys are leaving my dream…tear. Legit photo skills too.