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Making Dallas Even Better

Where the Races Congregate in Dallas

image courtesy of Eric Fischer
image courtesy of Eric Fischer

Last year we reported census data that showed Dallas to be the least segregated big city in America. Business Insider just put up maps by Eric Fischer of racial patterns in major cities, and here’s the one for Dallas County (blue dots represent blacks).

By the way, the most segregated cities are, in order: Detroit, Milwaukee, New York, Newark, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Cleveland, St. Louis, Boston, Cincinnati, Birmingham, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Washington, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Houston, and Columbus.

  • Bushwood Smithie

    This may explain why Schutze is always pining for Detroit.

  • RAB

    What races do the other color dots represent?

  • Tim Rogers

    What the heck is happening here? Yes, as RAB asks, what do the other dots represent? What’s the methodology? WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?

  • ernest t bass

    If you squint you’ll see Brian from Family Guy in the upper left corner!