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How Barbecue Can Help

I don’t eat meat and haven’t had any since, hmm, let’s see, sometime around 2001? Let’s say that. But I know people are passionate about it. One of them is Cody Neathery from Plano. He describes himself as a “amateur barbecue enthusiast” and shares his thoughts on his (okay, unfortunately named) BBQ Terrorist blog. He’s been a fan of Frisco’s 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House since it opened. Last week, he heard they were taking a truck and a smoker down to West. He decided to go along.

With every experience or situation we come in contact with, no matter how major or minor, there is always one or two moments that shake you to the bone. One of these moments came in the form of a woman and her children who drove up into our parking lot. She was in the most solemn mood I had seen from any other person that day. As she gave her order of food to one of the helpers, she then tried to pay with a handful of cash. I watched subtly as she tried her best to negotiate payment for the food as the volunteer continued to deter this. And then it happened. The woman begin crying as she had lost a family member and was gracious for the meals provided. Since she was alone with her children only an assumption of who had passed could be made.

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