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10 comments on “Jacqueline Buckingham Talks About Her Practice

  1. I thought that the first video was just creepy in an Oedipal way, but with the addition of the prophet Iverson, I think it’s brilliant. Still Oedipal, but brilliant.

  2. I wonder if Mommy controls Chase with a Queen of Diamonds card? Also, being 40-something is hard!

  3. Well, comments (and therefore, traffic?) have been lagging on Frontburner for quite a while. Something had to be done. Thinks of these posts like the stories that TV news features during sweeps week.

  4. Now you’ve done it. It’s obvious she wants attention, and now you HAVE to interview her. Bring us the story Timmy the Giggly.

  5. I’m with Kk on this, a poor, sad desperate women trying to convince the world she is an ACTRESS….Honey, your boat to fame and fortune has just dropped you off. Good luck trying to appear meaningful in Dallas high society now.