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Making Dallas Even Better

South African Photographer Captures the Trophy Rooms of the Dallas Safari Club

Slate has a short piece today on David Chancellor, a South Africa-based photographer who recently published Hunters, a book about exactly what it sounds like. In it, the photos follow big-game hunters across southern Africa, but also to Dallas: To complete the cycle, Chancellor wanted to photograph the trophy rooms of the more seasoned hunters […]

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Let’s Just Go Ahead and Rebrand All Dallas Neighborhoods With New York Names

View Dallas Rebranded in a larger map Since we’ve already gotten ourselves an Uptown, and a West Village, and since it looks like the area around the Galleria and Valley View Center will transform into Midtown, let’s quit tip-toeing around this thing. All Dallas neighborhoods will be better off rebranded with somewhat arbitrarily applied New York […]

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Got $1 Million? Glenn Beck Wants You.

Westlake resident Glenn Beck would like your money. Scratch that, he probably doesn’t want your money, since you probably don’t have $1 million sitting around, molting. But he wants a lot of money. From TechCrunch: TheBlaze, a set of online ventures run by conservative pundit Glenn Beck, is raising $40 million in new funding, according […]

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Trinity East Drilling Decision Returns to City Council After Plan Commission Denial

Now that the Dallas Plan Commission has again rejected Trinity East’s plan to drill in parkland along the Trinity River, the decision falls to the City Council. A super majority — 12 of the 15 members — would be needed to overturn the commission’s ruling. There are a few things at play here, so let’s […]

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Dallas PD Program Helps Prostitutes, Saves Lives

From Mother Jones: It all started because of 9/11. The police department was investigating truck stops as possible staging areas for terrorist attacks involving massive 16-wheelers instead of airplanes. But instead of terrorists they discovered 1,000 prostitutes servicing the 2,000 trucks that cycled through every day. “We did what we do well,” Felini says. “We […]

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Leading Off (3/22/13)

DA’s Office Questions Choice of Prosecutor in Watkins’ Contempt Case: “We have some strong concerns there could be a conflict of interest,” said assistant prosecutor Heath Harris about Cooke County prosecutor Ron Poole, though, really, he probably would’ve said that about any single person appointed to this role. First Baptist Dallas Preps For Opening: Both NBC and […]

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