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Pilar Sanders Wants Everyone — Including Conan O’Brien, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Seacrest — to Know That Deion Sanders May Have Hidden Some Assets

Every day, we receive a hundred or so Tweets mentioning @DMagazine. A lot are people telling me that I’m doing a terrible job, and I print those out and bring them to my psychiatrist. Many of the others are PR people pitching us stories. Today’s finest is just bizarre:

The link in the tweet is to the site Cherry on Top, which dubs itself “Hip Hop With a Cherry on Top.” I do not know what that means. The story itself is about how a woman is gearing herself up to testify that Deion Sanders conspired to hide money from Pilar Sanders, so during their divorce proceedings it would seem like he wasn’t as well-off as he was. Over the past hour, Pilar Sanders has sent that link no less than 22 times, to a wide range of entities:

- Reverend Al Sharpton
- The Daily Show
- race car driver Danica Patrick
- Target
- the Texas Education Agency
- Survivor host Jeff Probst
- Samuel L. Jackson
- DL Hughley
- Men’s Health magazine
- Hugh Jackman
- every single Sony entity imaginable
- World Wrestling Entertainment
- Cash Money Books, a book imprint by the record label that brought you “Back That Azz Up”
- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Public opinion? CORNERED.