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UT Southwestern Medical Center Gets Funky With Hand Washing Video

In a hospital, washing your hands is a big deal. The CDC has issued a warning about the rise of a “nightmare bacteria.” Yet one study showed that hospital workers nationwide only wash their hands about half as frequently as they should. And they don’t really like to be reminded to do it. Which brings us to the video you see here. This is one way UT Southwestern is trying to push its “hand hygiene compliance” above 95 percent. The guy who confronts the first doc about washing her hands is a professional dancer named JayFunk. Everyone else is an actual doc or other worker at UTSW. The outtakes video, for my money, is almost better. Full disclosure: the woman who produced the video is Ashlie McGill, a former D Magazine employee and my neighbor. I would call her a friend, except she just put her house on the market. So now she’s dead to me.