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A Response From Twin Peaks’ Corporate Counsel

Two weeks ago, after the news hit that Twin Peaks will open a restaurant at Mockingbird Station, I put up a joke post wherein I pretended to have emails that were hacked from Twins Peaks’ corporate HQ. The emails revealed other potentially controversial new locations (Highland Park Village, the lobby of First Baptist, etc.) and the thinking that went into choosing those spots. The next day, a lawyer who works for Twin Peaks sent me an email saying he wanted to discuss the post. On the phone, he told me that the post wasn’t funny, that it was more suited to the Observer than to D Magazine, and, in any case, that it was inaccurate. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and probably could have handled his feedback better. But, after telling the lawyer that I wasn’t going to insult him by lecturing him about how satire works, I lectured him about how satire works. As for what material belongs in the Observer and what belongs in D, I told him I’d leave the burgers and boobs to him if he’d leave the editing to me.

Then I said words to the effect of: “You know what surprises me? That we’re having this conversation. You work for a company that is all about having fun and making double entendre jokes about breasts. Rather than bitching at me, if you think someone is actually going to mistakenly believe that Twin Peaks is opening a store in the lobby of First Baptist, why don’t you write a funny letter setting the record straight?” I got that letter on Thursday. We’ve been on deadline, so it has taken me until now to share it. Enjoy:

Dear D Magazine,

Really, you’re hacking into our computer system? Here at Twin Peaks we’re just not feeling the love from you guys. For a magazine known for its glossy plastic surgery ads, we thought you’d be a little more supportive.

Yes, it is true that Twin Peaks is opening in Mockingbird Station. The Station isn’t only for politically correct metros. It attracts people from all nearby neighborhoods — real men wanting made-from-scratch comfort food and 29-degree draft beer. These are the guys that will love our new store as a place to gather and kick back with good friends. And we’re building directly above the “Pretty Kitty”… Seems like the natural location to us!

It was very clever of you to make up a memo from Coby Brooks. He didn’t write this! He’s too busy living in Atlanta with his beautiful Venezuelan wife and running our Twin Peaks La Cima restaurants. We’re sure he has gotten a kick out of it!

If you really want the scoop, plans have just been approved to open a Twin Peaks kiosk at 750 North St. Paul Street #2100… Oh wait, isn’t that D Magazine’s headquarters? Our girls will see you there for a little coffee, tea and “me” time.

Overall, we appreciate you looking out for us, D Magazine. Any press is good press, right? You are more than welcome at our Mockingbird location anytime… We’ll save you a seat at the bar!

Twin Peaks Staff