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10 Things We Wish Could Be Sequestered

Photo: Marco Becerra
Photo: Marco Becerra

With all this talk about air-traffic control and furloughs and national parks and F-35s, there’s a bunch of stuff around here that we’d like to sequester instead:

-That pedestrian crossing sign at the Pearl Street/Ross Avenue intersection that flashes “72, 71, 70…” then an immediate orange hand when you’re a quarter of the way across the street. SEQUESTERED.

- The 35 mile-per-hour speed trap limit on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. SEQUESTERED.

- Mixologists. Do you have liquor? A glass? Insert A into B. I will pay you for it. SEQUESTERED.

- Calling science “The Boogeyman.” SEQUESTERED.

- SMU frats, because man! those have been a real fun time lately haven’t they? SEQUESTERED.

Secession.  SEQUESTERED. (Which sounds like some kind of Rush cover band, or maybe a Georgetown a-cappella group.)

- The words foodie, artisan, and hipster. None of those mean anything. SEQUESTERED.

- Saying things are always bigger in Texas. SEQUESTERED.

- Ice skating rinks in parks that are doing awesome on their own. SEQUESTERED.

- The eye of Sauron. SEQUESTERED.

Feel free to add your own.

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