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Bill Brewer — Lawyer, Noted Peacock, Youth Basketball Coach

This weekend, the basketball team I co-coach, the SVAA U-9 Falcons, participated in a season-ending tournament. The highlight was the championship game, wherein our boys — down (I believe) 12-1 at halftime and looking worse — gutted out a 24-21 comeback win, capping off an undefeated season. I am not being facetious when I say the feelings I was feeling post-game rivaled, but did not surpass, when the Mavs won their title in 2011. The second highlight came in the semifinal game when we squared off against a team being coached by Bickel & Brewer’s Bill Brewer. He seemed like a nice guy and a decent coach, though his squad was no match for our patented 36 Minutes of Heck attack. Most notable, however (and previously noticed but not remarked upon here), was his attire. I have helpfully placed a pic of said attire after the jump. (Since it was a make-or-break day, I was wearing Kobe “Pythons” and a Dirk shirt.)


“I think people expect high-powered lawyers to look like high-powered lawyers,” Mr. Brewer told the Wall Street Journal in 2009. “Anything else is sending the wrong signal.” That’s a Bickel & Brewer visor, by the way.