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Fuel City Made Wrong Choice

Too bad the Fuel City owner knuckled under to outside pressure and gave up the white buffalo (sub. req.) Haven’t we seen this rodeo before—like last year, for instance? First, we all thought the rare animal up in Greenville was heralding the world’s end; then we were instructed that no, it was a symbol of “rebirth” and that, in any event, it required special treatment. And you know the sordid way that story ended up.

Doesn’t Fuel City, a private business, have the right to conduct its own affairs? Plus: if the protestors considered the store’s display to be “insensitive” and irreligious because of the excessively commercial locale, isn’t that just a tad bit narrow-minded? If Jesus came back today, for example, who’s to say he wouldn’t be walking around in the guise of an insurance broker or—wild guess—a union carpenter? Or a guy selling chips and beer nuts at a gas station?