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DMN Hits Perfect Local Pitch

Sunday’s print edition of the Morning News — for those of you who don’t receive it — is about as on-target as a local newspaper can get. For years, I’ve argued that the News needs to ignore national stories that are well-covered everywhere else and go with its strength, which is local, local, local. If I were running the News, I’d pin this morning’s front page to the wall as an example of the kind of execution that could keep a local newspaper relevant for years to come.

Here are the headlines above the fold:

“AA-US Air may be last of big mergers”

“Police pension fund bets big on luxury properties” —

“Parkland built wealth as condition worsen”

“Texas Legislature: Going too far may cost GOP”


“Dirk’s star status”

“Spring break plans”

“Officers kill fugitive near Grapevine Lake”

As I said, all these are above the fold. Three are about major Dallas institutions (four, if you count Dirk). Well done, ladies and gentlemen. Keep it up.