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Leading Off (2/15/12)

American CEO to Receive $20 Million Deal: “So my company’s customer service nosedives, we get bought out by a company with one-third the market share, AND I get $19.87 million? What’s not to love?

A Supposedly Fun Thing A Flower Mound Woman Would Never Do Again: Pooping in bags, sleeping in tent forts, eating onion sandwiches: sounds like a great campout. Except it was a Carnival cruise. Upside for all you optimists: Carnival cruises will probably be DIRT cheap for a year or so.

Manhunt Continues for Alberto Morales: The best thing about this NBC story is that they refer to Morales as “a schizophrenic,” like it’s up for debate. The man hears voices, has mutilated his genitals, and scrawled his name in blood on a medical ward wall. Probably no need for the scare quotes. “Okay?”

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