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Making Dallas Even Better

If Alberto Morales Wasn’t an Escaped Sex Offender, I’d Say His Tattoo Was Pretty Awesome

But he is, so I won’t. Anyway, Grapevine Police released a photo of Alberto Morales’ very distinct tattoo today. I don’t know why he’d be sleeveless, running around Grapevine, but if you’ve spotted that tattoo, call 911.

  • daily reader

    You don’t have very good taste if you think that’s a good tattoo. Looks like a really bad imitation of an American Indian riding a shetland pony.

  • TLS

    This is why you should get your tattoos on the buttocks.

  • mynameisbill

    He had me at “How”……:)

  • Nick B


  • Michael Hassett

    When you have guns, you brandish them.

  • medialies

    why has the head been cropped out of the photo.