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Here’s What American Sniper Chris Kyle Said About His Killing Two Men at a Gas Station in 2009

Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle was incredible. He was simply an incredible, real-life action hero. Before his death, he was already known as the deadliest sniper in American history and as a best-selling author. Since his death, a few reporters have heard trickles of other stories. Around Midlothian, one story in particular has been raising eyebrows. It goes something like this: when he was first back from Iraq, in 2009, Chris Kyle killed two armed men who were attempting to carjack him at a gas station.

I first heard this story more than a year ago. It hasn’t made the news much. There was a brief mention in Marcus Luttrell’s second book. And now the Star-Telegram has a blog item mentioning the story and how difficult it is to confirm. Well, as it turns out, I’ve been working on a story about Chris Kyle for about nine months. We talked regularly, mostly about the challenges and triumphs of his transition home. I first asked him about the story last summer, during an interview in his Dallas office. I said: “Now, I have to ask you about an incident that I’ve heard about. I heard it happened at a gas station.”

He said: “You mean the time I shot two guys trying to steal my truck?”

I sat there stunned for a few seconds. The incredible story I’d heard, I figured there was no way it was true.

“It’s true,” he said.

He proceeded to tell me about that day. It was in January 2009, just weeks after he retired from the Navy. It was cold that morning, and he was wearing a heavy winter coat. He was driving his truck — his now famous black F350 with the large rims and impressive grill — when he needed to stop for gas. He pulled into a station right off highway 67.

As he got out of the truck, two men approached. Both had guns in their hands. One pointed his weapon at Kyle. They told him to hand over his keys. Kyle was out of the truck, on the passenger’s side.

“I told them I would get them the keys,” he told me. “I told them they were in the truck and to just let me reach in.”

He noticed the man pointing the gun didn’t seem very confident. Kyle knew what confidence with a gun looked like.

As Kyle turned, leaning into the open passenger door of the truck, he reached into his own waistband. With his right hand, he grabbed his Colt 1911. He fired two shots under his left armpit, hitting the first guy twice in the chest. Then he turned slightly and fired twice more, hitting the second man twice in the chest. Both men fell dead.

Kyle leaned on his truck and waited for the police.

He said he was later told that trucks like his are very popular among car thieves because they’re frequently taken over the Mexican border. He said they’d passed up the car in front of his, even though it was a relatively new Cadillac.

Kyle told me that the entire incident was caught on the gas station’s surveillance cameras. He said he gave the responding officers a phone number to call. Presumably someone high up in the government explained to the officers who Kyle was. He said the officers were very understanding, that they didn’t want to drag a just-home, highly decoratated veteran into a messy legal situation that would surely draw a harsh media spotlight.

Kyle told me that he knew the tape was out there somewhere, because he would randomly get emails from police officers all over the country, thanking him for “cleaning up the streets.”

Several of Kyle’s friends were familiar with the incident, and they had heard virtually the same story. After our talk, I called the police chiefs of several towns along 67. Most of them had heard of the incident. One, speaking only on background, said he knew some of his men had at least seen the tape. But request after request provided no police reports and no tape.

We’ve debated here at the office exactly how to handle this. Honestly, I wanted to tell the entire world about it on the afternoon it was confirmed. But I always wanted to tell that story in the context of a larger story about Chris Kyle, about his service, about the amazing things he’s done for other veterans, and about how hard he worked to adjust back to this world — to become the great husband and father and Christian he’d always wanted to be.

Now that the story is coming out in other places, though, it needed to be confirmed. So consider this story confirmed from the man himself. In every sense of the word, Chris Kyle was a true American badass.

281 comments on “Here’s What American Sniper Chris Kyle Said About His Killing Two Men at a Gas Station in 2009

  1. I have heard that the Sniper PO Kyle was awarded two purple hearts? What kind of wounds did he have? Did he draw disability pension?

  2. I have heard that the Sniper PO Kyle was awarded two purple hearts? What kind of wounds did he have? Did he get Disability pension?

  3. Kyle should have had no problems with the law as he shot 2 armed men in self defense. . It is legally justifiable to protect yourself when you are threatened. Seems like he could have added those 2 to his “confirmed” kill list and would have bragged about it in his book, which in turn would have sold more copies. BTW these 2 carjackers must have had friends and family that worried where their loved one’s vanished to.

  4. When a person pulls a gun in any type of robbery or illegal act they are saying the.selves that there life is not worth what they are stealing for aND let’s say instead of shooting these guys Mr. Kyle renders his key what happens next? How do we know they don’t shoot him for fear of identifying him???? Anyone who thinks it would be wrong to do that, I hope you are faced with situation without a gun and afterwards get back to me and then talk to me

  5. So the fools and conspiracy idiots have another crap story to spend their time fretting over. Utter non-sense, by now the families and friends of the supposed two car-jackers would have stepped forward considering all the press coverage of Chris. No police reports, secret calls to DOD offices, etc and a lot of paranoia. All the story needs now is he encountered a UFO along a lonely highway who wanted to probe him. And then the Super Dome Katrina nonsense as well. No police or press reports of 30 plus people shot by snipers as well. The best damn conspiracy by the police and reliable and credible media ever, or an obvious bunch of bull by a blogger seeking his 10 minutes of fame off an Dead American hero. I will stick with the latter and call out this blog as an attempt to make a name for a Peon.

  6. OK, this teaches us once again that carrying a 1911 in condition 1 is the way to go. What is condition one, you may well ask. It is cocked and locked, or locked and cocked. Chambered round, thumb safety on. What if I drop it, you may well ask. 1.) don’t drop it or give it away, ever. 2.) It will be fine. See # 1.
    Was the 1911 designed to be carried cocked and locked? I don’t know, but now you have the criteria with which to shoot…I mean search it. I have other weapons, but in winter, who doesn’t like the feel of a Mil-spec 1911 under this thick overcoat. / But I’m in Dallas where it’s warm, you may well respond. It’s 10 degrees here, so put some clothes on and drive north. Peace.

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  8. If anything Kyle was a serial liar. He lied about being in the bar with Jesse Ventura, proven in court. He lied about shooting 30 Looters from the top of the Super Dome during Katrina. He lied about shooting two men who wanted to steal his truck at a convenience store, two shots to the centre of their chests while they had guns drawn on him. No record of any of that BS, no police reports, no convenience store video which he claimed police reviewed and said he was justified and let him go on the spot. All BS Lies. He even lied about all the proceeds of his book going to Veterans groups… He only gave $52,000 of the 3 million he pocketed .. Plus he was a hired Waylayer like William Munny of “The Unforgiven” another Eastwood movie where a hired assassin “killed women and children”! LIAR should be on his grave!

  9. Two men drive up to a gas station and pull a gun on Chris Kyle (so that they could steal his car). Not long thereafter, another man pulls a gun on him and shoots him. Kyle comes home from the war and coincidentally three men pull a gun on him for reasons which make little sense. What’s wrong with these stories? They’re stinky-poo, that’s what they are

  10. “Nobody can just shot two people in the USA and walk … NO BODY!” right LOL.
    My husband ran over someone years ago and all he had to do was go through 6 months of ptsd therapy No police record. No Nothing. The military took care of everything and he wasn’t as highly decorated as Kyle was.

  11. I believe he shot people in the United States, but I don’t believe any of the rest of the story. Chris Kyle loved to shoot people.

  12. If it had been a clean shoot, there would have been a report filed – easily obtained by anyone in the media. So it’s either a lie he spread as part of his PR campaign for himself… or it’s a double-murder, covered up by small town Texas cops (something that has happened quite often in this state).
    Either way – it’s not an act of heroism by any stretch of the imagination.

  13. That’s a popular sentiment among militants – that people shouldn’t have a problem with them committing crimes in this country, against our citizens.

  14. I heard it was the service station to the stars and the place was filled with thousands of actors and artist and people associated with the “libtard” film industry. I heard he shot 2,000 major stars (including both Fannings) but allowed Larry Gatlin to live (so he could kill the rest of them slowly with his plastic surgery vocal chords.
    Then he flew straight up to San Francisco where he suffered some PTSD as he wanted to shoot everyone in the entire city but all they wanted to do was to buttell prong him while calling him Ginger. The stories even get bigger once he reached Portland where the smell of egg whites made him so nauseous he couldn’t even get a good aim at the 8 year old boy sitting at the table across from him (who had ripped off an extra coloring book). Anyway, his lovely wife, Mrs. Rich Sniper Widow-Chick will be taking up the work he left behind and hopes to kill 5 thousand innocent people of ANOTHER color by the end of the year. Let us ALL PRAY FOR HER, HER GUNS, AND HER BULLETS.

  15. YOU DON’T KNOW EITHER AND the utter arrogance that you portray with such a dumb as fug comment like that is indication you have been coddled far too long. No more first class upgrades for you Mr. Soldier. The war is way over, get to the back of the line like the rest of us.

    Chris Kyle did NOT save “thousands of lives” (such a total dumbass statement I would be shocked if you even had half a brain) he created a situation the will soon see thousands of children, siblings, wives and husbands seeking revenge for his indiscriminate killing of innocence.

  16. you are a cowered and an ass. You yourself have never done anything for anyone but yourself, that is clear by your statement


  18. Don’t be dense. He didn’t “sue the widow”, he put a claim in on Kyle’s estate. A justified claim I might add since Kyle slandered and defamed him.

  19. Yeah, he was also on top of the super dome shooting looters during Katrina, and punched out Jesse Ventura, and all sorts of other manly, red meat right-winger fantasies. Great stuff.

  20. Chris Kyle is the guy with serial lying problem, not the author. Kyle said it. Kyle was full of crap. Deal with it.

  21. This event never happened. This whole discussion is hypothetical. We may as well debate an exchange out of a Steven Seagal movie.

  22. This punk got what was coming to him. He enjoyed killing people, and he killed a lot of them. If anyone in this world “had it coming” it’s this guy. These two fictional robbers not among the people he killed.

  23. Good points, but this clearly didn’t happen. It’s what’s known in common vernacular b as a bald-faced lie.

  24. I can’t believe so many people are fooled by this, especially Texans, who should know how these thigs work.

    The story he gives, even with its falsities is an open and shut self defense shooting. Especially in Texas where you can shoot an unarmed person in the back as they run away with stolen property after a certain time of day.

    1) There would be a police report. There would be cops talking about it on cop forums and so on. There’s none of that going on, so Kyle lied.
    2) Kyle wouldn’t need a shadow agent to vouch for him. It is an open and shut self defense shooting. Very little investigation would need to be done. It’d be like: “ok, two dead guys (check). Two guns near their corpses (check). Video evidence (check). Interviewed shooter (check). Have a nice day, Mr Kyle…”
    3) His story of the shooting itself sounds like phoney baloney. They’re just going to stand there and patiently wait for him to reach in his truck for something? Please.