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Making Dallas Even Better

  • DowntownResident

    What exactly would it take to remove Suhm, can somebody on city council start proceedings or request or motion? Suhm aside, what’s the process to remove the city manager of Dallas?

  • CueCat

    Okay… I disagree with her frequently too. But, consider her dilemma in trying read the tea leaves to keep a majority of the council and their special interests happy thus keeping her job.

    Then, look at the past five Dallas City Managers (below) and pick one you would rather have in that position. Suhm does look so bad when you consider her predecessors.

    Richard Knight 1986-1990
    Jan Hart 1990-1993
    John Ware 1993-1998
    Teodoro Benavides 1998-2004
    Mary Suhm 2005-Current

  • CueCat

    errata: should read “Suhm doesn’t look so bad…”

  • Wylie H Dallas

    A 2/3 vote of the City Council would be required to remove Suhm.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Just because Suhm may or may not be the best of a sorry lot does not, in and of itself, justify her holding the position of City Manager. The proper approach should be to compare her qualifications and competency with the executives overseeing other large metropolitan areas.