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Klyde Warren Park May Get an Ice Rink, Ctd.

Just spoke with Joanna Singleton, who does PR for the park. She cleared up a few of my questions.

1. Temperature- The rink would be synthetic, a practice implemented in about 20 warm-weather cities across the country, Singleton said. The frontrunner is a product named SuperGlide, marketed as “THE BEST SYNTHETIC ICE SKATING SURFACE EVER CREATED.”

2. Location- The Great Lawn would be the likely location. The rink would help draw people to the park during the colder months, so using its most popular space during that time wouldn’t likely be an issue, she said.

3. Skates- Yes, the park will rent skates. Officials have not determined where a skate rental kiosk would be located.

4. Grass- Singleton wasn’t clear on how the synthetic material would affect the lawn, but admitted it might leave a mark.

5. Weight- She’s checking on this one, though she assumes the Klyde Warren team has looked into the structural capacity of the park.

More as we get it, etc.