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Richards Group Scores With Paul Harvey Ram Truck Commercial During Super Bowl

Hey, I don’t know if the thing will sell trucks, but this Super Bowl ad produced by the Richards Group was beautiful. Have a watch if you haven’t yet seen it.

18 comments on “Richards Group Scores With Paul Harvey Ram Truck Commercial During Super Bowl

  1. As my friend Darius Holbert said as the ad was airing, “I don’t know what this commercial is for, but I want to buy a farmer so bad now.”

  2. No surprise here. The Richards Group did what it always does taking advertising to a new and better level.
    Thanks for sharing for those of us who missed it at the game.

  3. Ads like this don’t write themselves. Very nice work, whoever you are at The Richards Group.

  4. Great job on the copy – but it doesn’t hit the target market at all. Rams are positioned to those concrete cowboys (i.e. folks in Dallas who think they need a truck). Farmers pick Chevy’s and Fords.

    Nice try though.

  5. Wrong. The ad is aimed exactly at the concrete cowboys, most of whom (at least claim to) admire the farmer ethic.

  6. Actually Rams are targeted the most towards farmers whereas the other two are targeted towards construction! Nice try though!

  7. I realize that, obviously. I loved Paul Harvey. I meant the actual construction and conceptualization of the ad was worthy of note.

  8. The idea of a Paul Harvey with a mountain-man beard, see-through earlobes, skinny pants and a newsboy’s cap doesn’t appeal to me so much. But never let anybody take your dream from you.

  9. Outstanding on all levels. One of only a couple of good commercials. The best part no models,hollywood stars or special effects.
    Most of the super bowl commercials we dogs………poorly written and visually bankrupt.

  10. it is not a rip off – it is a homage


    boy that takes nerves of steel to brazenly do that