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Making Dallas Even Better

The Morning News Puts Downton Abbey Spoiler Alert, Spoiler in Same Tweet

I don’t even watch this show and this upsets me.

  • Tim Rogers

    Neither do I watch the show. But I know it’s not a show about an abbey that’s downtown.

  • SybilsBeaver

    so they report spoilers like they report news, a day late lol

  • Anne Armstrong

    You are the editor. Details and accuracy count. It is not DowntoWN. It’s Downton.

  • Jason Heid

    Tell that to the Morning News (read their tweet)

  • Du-Oh

    Easy solution-get your rear end over to Premier Video and rent season 3 (along with a region free DVD player). That way you can watch it all in one sitting without waiting for Sunday!

  • Neal K

    Yeah, the hot sister who married the guy who played Agrippa on “Rome” died in childbirth. But some of us who work overseas knew that months ago.

    If you want more spoilers, I won’t give them to you, but she just might not be the only one who dies this season.