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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Responds to Our Post About This Morning’s Suicide

Earlier today, a man killed himself in the parking lot of a Denton County elementary school. I wrote that it was “selfish to the point of possibly damaging hundreds of children forever.” The folks at the√ā¬†American Foundation for Suicide Prevention saw my post, and sent me a note. Published with permission:

…I would caution about editorializing and labeling suicide or this man as ‚Äúselfish‚ÄĚ.√ā¬† Clearly, someone who takes their own life, and especially near a school, is not mentally stable. We know that 90 percent of people who die by suicide have an underlying mental illness at the time.√ā¬† We know that treatment for depression and other mood disorder is the best way to prevent suicide. Stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness is a major barrier to those struggling to seek help.

The more you know. The national√ā¬†suicide√ā¬†prevention hotline number is √ā¬†1-800-273-TALK.