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Making Dallas Even Better

Here’s a Song Dedicated to Luring Dwight Howard

It’s…not very convincing. But maybe this is the kind of thing that Howard’s looking for. It also includes the line “Dirk can be your sidekick, you can be our Superman,” which, come on. Dirk’s no one’s sidekick.

  • Jim R

    So, do we really need another mopey, borderline has-been, former-Laker big man? Did Lamar Odom teach you all ANYTHING?

  • Alec Baldwin

    If we could get the Dwight Howard of 2009, that would worth considering. Unfortunately, the Dwight Howard of 2013 is playing at about 50% the level of the 2009 Dwight Howard:

    Both of Howard’s offensive and defensive numbers are in freefall.