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Survival of the Cutest: The Dogs of D

(left) Michael Mooney’ s Jailamony and (right) Jeanne Prejean’s Nellie

And I’m not talking about the guys that hit on us over by the copy machine. (Just kidding. We don’t have any of those.) I’m talking about the beloved mutts of D Magazine staffers. The furry love bugs that we employees return home to each night. In celebration of our ongoing Survival of the Cutest dog contest–but actually because we weren’t allowed to enter–I present to you The Dogs of D: Round 1. Jump for photos. And don’t forget to cast your vote for the cutest pooches in North Texas.

clockwise from top: Chelsey Plumlee’s Rocky, Allie Steele’s Hamlet, Anna Watkins’ Stella-Kate, Glenn Hunter’s Dooner, Dana Riddle’s Cember, and Holly Burns’ Jasper.