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Harwood Street May Soon Become Two-way Through Downtown

Due to increased traffic and circulation issues from Klyde Warren Park, Harwood Street may soon become two-way, city officials said Friday.

The item – along with dozens of other one-way, speed limit, and school zone changes – is up for City Council approval Jan. 9. Harwood, south of the park, is currently three lanes of southbound, one-way traffic, plus parking on either side. Harwood continues northward, but is now interrupted by the park. The traffic pattern would change to help draw people to and from the park, said senior transportation planner Keith Manoy.

“It was always anticipated that with the park opening, and that street being closed, that the likelihood of needing the capacity that four lanes in one direction provides would diminish,” he said.

No parking would be lost, and the only cost to the city is re-striping and signal work. There’s no timetable set for the conversion, provided it’s approved. All the changes can be read in the City Council agenda.