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Leading Off (1/3/13)

Fort Worth Police Officer Arrested On Suspected DWI. His name is Nicolas Ramirez. He works in traffic, blew twice the legal limit, and, among other things, severely let down his chief, Jeff Halstead:

In the Fort Worth Police Officer’s Association quarterly magazine, called Signal 50, Halstead wrote, “I am going to buy myself a small ‘white board’ and place it in a prominent place in the chief’s office. I will update the board every day in 2013 with the focus statement of: ‘____ days since our last off duty arrest.’ My goal is that on December 31st, 2013 the number on this board is 365!!”

Craig Hall Finally Starting Construction On High Rises In Arts District. But first, Hall is ordering studies to make sure the buildings — a 16-story office building, and a 30-story condo tower — don’t reflect light like Museum Tower, and also so the web editor at WFAA could use this headline: “Arts District developer aims to avoid the glare of Nasher, Museum Tower controversy.” Fun fact: Hall’s buildings will be located on top of a “long-abandoned parking garage” where, unless I’m really confused here, I park my car every day.

Mavericks Take Heat To Overtime, But Can’t Finish. That’s the bad news. The good news: Dirk Nowitzki sent the game to OT with one of his trademark shots and looked more like the guy who makes me scream-tweet I SEE YOU BIG GERMAN than he has since coming back from knee surgery. So, there’s that.

Columbia Packing Company Owners Facing 18-Count Indictment. This happened right after Christmas, but we’re still having to sort of play catch up here. Yes, it’s the pig blood people. Sorry. Should have put that in the headline there.

Here’s a Story About a Giant Bowler Hat. Right here.

I Assume 1/3/13 Is Some Sort Of Special Day, Like Happy Jason Voorhees Day Or Something, But I Didn’t Bother To Look. If so, go nuts.