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Kurt Eichenwald: ‘Repeal the Second Amendment’

Kurt Eichenwald is a Commie-loving liberal, no good son of a French biscuit-eating surrender monkey, Obama-loving Kenyan sympathizer who probably favors subsidizing public transportation and puppy murder. Only way to explain his post on the Vanity Fair blog VF Daily. The lead:

As news of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary played out around the country, the mantra from the gun-rights folks was fairly consistent: now is not the time to discuss how the government should deal with controls on firearms. It’s politicizing tragedy to talk about it, they whine.

O.K., I’ll agree. Let’s not talk about policy when it comes to Sandy Hook.

Instead, let’s consider the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre in 1984. Following the shooting of 40 people at that time, gunnies also said it was too soon to discuss new firearms laws; it would politicize the shooting at a moment that should only be about remembrance, you see. So let’s do it now — 28 years is long enough to wait.