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Here’s Video of Those State Police Cavity Searches You Didn’t Know You Wanted to See, Then Immediately Regretted Seeing

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Back in July, Angel Dobbs and Ashley Dobbs were driving down the George Bush Turnpike when they were pulled over by a state trooper. State trooper said they threw a cigarette butt out the window. Angel Dobbs said, “Yeah, maybe,” but she forgot. Trooper was going to tag them with a littering citation, then claimed he smelled weed in the car.

Okay, so maybe a marijuana citation was coming. Instead, he called in a female officer and had full-cavity searches performed on both of them. Now the Dobbses are suing.

According to the Observer:

The pair alleges that Farrell and Hellson had no probable cause to justify the search and that their behavior violated established law governing cavity searches. This is a reflection not only of Helleson, whom they say has “performed numerous unconsented and illegal cavity searches of females and is an ongoing and pervasive problem,” but of the Texas Department of Public Safety in general. They blame the agency’s director, Steven McCraw, for failing to provide adequate training to troopers. The’re are asking for unspecified damages.

It’s not exactly NSFW, since there’s no nudity, but it’s kinda icky.

(h/t WFAA’s David Schecter)