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Someone Is Trying to Rename Klyde Warren Park ‘Barack Obama Park’

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ds/2012/12/large.jpeg” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”338″ /> Photoshop, at its finest. Source: Barack Obama Park’s Facebook page

Carol just directed my attention to possibly the loneliest Facebook page in the history of Facebook pages, the one dedicated to renaming Klyde Warren Park ‘Barack Obama Park.” As of this morning, it had one “like.”

The main thrust behind the page: “Who @KlydeWarrenPark was responsible for the decision to name ‘a central gathering space for Dallas and its visitors’ after a 10-yr-old boy?” Answer: the dude who donated more money than all of us, combined. A series of tweets – from an account with 11 followers – continues to tell the story.

So where are we now, third-class? Gasp, fourth-class?